Cards go MOO

Essential to any good business is making a good impression.  One step in that process is having good quality, eye-catching, well-designed stationery – especially business cards – which is why I’m a big fan of and what they do.  I’ve ordered business cards from them a few times now – most recently to replace the previous batch that was all but used up when I was giving them out like candy at the Silicon Milkroundabout event about a month ago.  I love the quality of the card stock they use, the myriads of different graphical options, the sheer configurability of just about everything that is part of the design process and lest I forget, the fantastic quality of the finished product in my hand as I pass it over to a prospective new client.  Yes, I can geek about business cards just as much as I can about Pi(e), Slasher Movies or Gaming.

Alien invasion

One of many possible premade designs for MOO Minicards; yes, it’s the one that I picked.

I was lucky enough to get a guided tour around Moo’s headquarters as a part of the Digital Shoreditch festival.  I was in the last group at the end of the day, but the enthusiasm of those giving the tours didn’t appear to have waned despite the fact that they must have said exactly the same thing at least three times already that day.

Bimbling around the design team’s area, we got to see some lovely artwork and in-house projects MOO have been working on.  Their office in Shoreditch is in a large, airy, brightly lit building with an open-plan layout and more than a few meeting rooms, as well as video links to their Rhode Island office when needs be, which makes it seem like a great place to work.

Personally, I’ve never had the slightest problem with MOO’s products or services, so I’ve never had recourse to bend  the ears of their customer care team, but if I did, I don’t doubt their claim to have an average response time of 3 business hours to enquiries.  All of the staff – not just those in customer care – genuinely do exactly that.  Care.  They care about each customer, their orders, their products, the design process and how it all comes together in the most wonderfully tangible end products.

Possibly the heartbeat of MOO is the machinery and hardworking staff they use to get everything printed.  It was quite cool to see entire sheets of business cards being churned out at a rapid pace (around one sheet every couple of seconds) into a massive hopper.  From there, each stack of sheets gets cut, spliced, packaged and finally delivered to each and every customer on time, to their exacting specifications.

That was the last official part of the tour; after that, we got some free goodies – cupcakes, card holders, a free sample pack, amongst others – and a chance to chat with some of the staff as it was heading towards beer o’clock by that point in the evening.  All of the folk who work at Moo are welcoming, friendly, creative and easy to talk to; even if the adage that a happy workforce is a productive workforce is only partially true, then I can see exactly why Moo is doing so well as a business.

A game of Pong

Probably the first computer game I ever played and also the first MOO business card design I picked to have printed. Game on!

Got out the wrong side of bed?

Well, that may be more than “just an expression” according to a study commissioned by the Premier Inn hotel chain who surveyed 3000 people.  Their press release states that those who sleep on the left are generally more cheerful, more positive and “capable of tackling heavy workloads and a stressful day ahead.”  They say that over a quarter of left siders (compared to 18% of right siders) “have a really positive outlook on life in general.”

This was picked up by the Boston Globe  and the Globe and Mail the latter of which has a non-scientific poll which shows left-side-of-the-bed sleepers outnumber right siders roughly three-to-two (43% to 30% as I type this).   This, of course, means that cheery people outnumber grumpy ones, which just makes us grumpy folk more grumpy anyway… perhaps that’s really why I’m grumpy in the mornings?