Slasher movies

It’s Friday the 13th, a date feared by Triskaidekaphobes everywhere, along with films critics whenever another instalment in that film franchise comes out on such an obvious date.  Now, the Internet is a wonderful thing, especially when it brings such cinematic gems to my attention as an article on the Topless Robot and Force of Geek websites about Red Sword, a uniquely Japanese retelling of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood, which has already been retold as a Hollywood production not that long ago.  Of course, being a Japanese production, there’s martial arts, swordplay, combative virgin schoolgirls and, to put not too fine a point on it, breasts.

Then again, not every film has to be Citizen Kane – going to the movies would get very boring were that so!  Plus I’m not a fan of Orson Welles’ much vaunted meisterwerk.   What more do you want to munch popcorn to in a film than Red Riding Hood running around decapitating Werewolves with shiny sharp Katana?