Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

OK, so who else is just itching to get hold of a copy of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House (affiliate link)? This new book by Michael Wolff has already been described as “explosive”, “incendiary” and other ordnance-related epithets.

Do you think they chose a particularly unflattering photo of Donny on purpose?

“Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff. Click on the image for a link to Amazon (affiliate link).


Has anyone got a copy already? I watched a BBC News interview with someone queued up to buy one of the first copies on sale; he said he expected it to be “a dumpster fire” and expose the chaos of The White House.

I’d love to read comments from people who’ve already dived into it. 🙂


Don’t panic! It’s Towel Day! 

“You sass that hoopy frood Douglas Adams? There’s a guy who really knows where his towel is.”

Today is Towel Day a celebration and tribute to Douglas Adams, author of the increasingly inaccurately named Hitch-Hiker Trilogy and other similarly mind-boggling works of fiction and non-fiction. If you’ve no idea what it’s all about the lovely folk from have produced this infographic.

Whatever you do today, above all make sure you know exactly where your towel is. 🙂

The importance of grammar and punctuation 

To those who consider grammar and punctuation to be unimportant in today’s fast-moving world of 140 character soundbites, I urge them to consider this example.

If anyone is offended by the text on this image, they'd better not watch

Whether you use a comma or not can make all the difference in even a simple sentence.

45 Writing Tips

The wonderful Caitlin Lambert has written a post with 45 Writing Tips From Actual Writers. I am truly honoured that she’s chosen to include a writing tip that I suggested:

Try to write every day, even if it’s just for a minute. Next week, aim for five minutes, then ten, then fifteen. Good habits are difficult to get into but if you can write every day it will give you the best possible start.”

I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I don’t always follow my own damn advice. Some days I just don’t get around to doing it, or I’m just not feeling that the muse has struck me (or is stood behind me with a mallet threatening me with a beating if I don’t hit that keyboard), even though in those moments I should write about what it’s like to not feel those itchy writing fingers. Mea culpa, dear reader; despite any rumours to the contrary, I’m only human. ;p

This is me after five minute with Gmail's new layout

Writer’s block, thy name is evil.

A User Roadmap to Free Photo Websites

As a blogger, I like to keep things interesting by adding relevant images to my posts that engage you. Walls of text on their own will just make your eyes glaze over, so a bit of colour is no bad thing. Help is at hand in the form of User Roadmap that provides reviews to 95 – yes, I did just say 95, count ’em – Free Photo Websites.

Free images are a Good Thing™. Not merely free as in beer, although who wants to pay when you can get stuff for nothing? However, you also want to use images that are free as in speech; that is even more important than not having to pay for them in the first place.

Pretty, isn't it?

One of the many CC0+ Curated images available from Pexels.

Why is that so important? OK, let me put it like this; see that pretty photo just above this paragraph? Would you like to get sued for using it? For thousands of pounds or dollars? No, nor me oddly enough, but that is exactly what can happen if you don’t have permission from the copyright holder to use said image, or breach the license of the image… or if you really put your foot in it, both at once. I am not a lawyer, so if you’re unsure about this sort of stuff, you can read the section on their website that answers the question “What are licenses and why should I care about them?”

The main part of the site is the “Shop” except you’re paying zip for access and nothing for the images you use. Perhaps “Directory” would be a better term, but that’s just linguistic quibbling. The default listing is in alphabetical order by site name, but you can switch to popularity and newness (whether that’s of the content or of the site itself, I’m unsure), You can also filter by License, resolution, Attribution requirements, sign-in required, if they use a search box (eighteen don’t, which just boggles me) and if they provide image releases. There’s even a handy reset button once you’ve utterly confused matters by trying every filter at the same time – hey, don’t judge me, I’m a software tester too, remember?

I must confess I’ve not heard of most of the websites listed here so this is a real treasure trove for me. The breadth and depth of available content is impressive. There is a huge range of subjects and the sheer number of images is staggering. As an example, the image I’m using in this post comes from Pexels, which has about 30,000 images on it; that puts it at the smaller end of the spectrum compared to some others listed on User Roadmap. Safe to say I will be happy to use this resource for years to come. 🙂