Royal Weddings, stately homes, beautiful gardens, lifelong learning, and a day out for Charity

Are you excited about a certain Royal Wedding happening today? Would you like to go to Frogmore House and Garden, where the 200 person reception will be held on Saturday? Well, you can. Not tomorrow, but are you free on Thursday 7th June?


This is Frogmore House and Gardens. Beautiful isn't it?

Frogmore House and Gardens. Image credit: Royal Collection Trust


For three days every year, the normally private house and gardens are open to the public, with the proceeds going to three charities. Those going on the 7th will help PET, The Prisoners’ Education Trust, that I sit on the Advisory Group of.

PET is a charity working across every prison in England and Wales to help people in prison achieve their potential through learning. PET provides courses in levels and subjects not usually available in prison, including GCSEs, A-levels and Open University courses, as well as courses in subjects as diverse as Farming Management and Personal Fitness Training.

Since their foundation in 1989, PET has helped thousands of men and women in prison transform their lives through education, and build better futures for their families and communities. To book tickets for the garden at Frogmore House on Thursday, 7 June visit or call 0203 752 5681.


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