A roll of the dice



A roll of the dice.


Having found the Scottish Book Trust’s 50-word fiction competition page a few days ago, it inspired me to enter my own submission. The prompt was to “write a story featuring a roll of the dice” along with the picture shown. Under the terms of the competition I still retain copyright of my work (which is as it should be) and since the deadline has passed, here’s my effort for you to read.

Ciarán drew ragged breath as he hauled himself towards the cliff edge in a desperate attempt to escape. Yet still they closed.

He peered over the edge. The oncoming storm whipped up churning waves below. Trusting to luck as they closed on their quarry, he leapt out into the void.


I’ll be interested to read constructive feedback in the comments below. I’m not expecting to win as they probably receive dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of submissions each month. I did it for the fun and the challenge of it.  🙂


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