Silicon Milkroundabout 3.0

I spent a good part of Sunday in a very warm environment wondering when I would melt completely while having lots of widely varying conversations with different people.  I was not, as my body was insisting,  on some tropical isle nor in a sauna, but at the Silicon Milkroundabout event.


Silicon Milkroundabout


Held in the huge T1 space of The Old Truman Brewery, which was crammed all day with start-up companies of all varieties and sizes, it was a brilliant event.  Given the steel roofing, skylights and bright summery weather we’ve had all day week, there wasn’t much to be done about the ambient temperature even with several massive fans spread around the place to keep air circulating and a bar supplying drinks.  Also circulating were many many technical types, all networking, handing out CVs, swapping business cards and generally being geeky.

I was just blown away by the sheer passion and enthusiasm everyone – stallholders and attendees alike – has for digital technology; the potential of all the apps and services on display was quite awe-inspiring.  Even though I’d been to the last one, the variety of companies still surprises me – everything from one-man businesses, to open source social initiatives, to highly technical business solutions, to social media services to big well-known companies already employing hundreds of staff.  All of them were there to pitch their companies to job hunters.

Conversely, the attendees (me included) were there to pitch themselves to the companies.  I got so caught up in the day that I didn’t manage to speak to all of the stalls that were there – I’m very glad that the book handed out at the sign-in desk gives recruitment contact details for all of the companies who attended.  I must have made an impression on at least some of those I did talk to, as I handed out all but my last two business cards on the day and got just as many back in return.


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