Geek Love

“Ama et Fac Quod Vis”

Lit: Love and what you like — St Augustine.

Yes, it’s that time of year when love is in the air, there’s a big Hallmark Day approaching and there’s so much pink crap being sold in shops that you keep thinking you must have put your rose-tinted spectacles on by mistake this morning.

In case you hadn’t noticed Valentines Day is nearly upon  us.  So, for those hopeless and not-so-hopeless geeky romantics out there, here’s a list of 50 Geeky Date ideas for that day – and beyond.

Haven’t got a date yet?  Here’s 13 of the geekiest pickup lines you’ve ever seen or heard.  [N.B. I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any of these lines.]  For anyone who has stumbled across this blog post and is wondering “Why would I want to date a geek?” the simple answer is that they make the least selfish lovers and often do, in fact, make great lovers (he says modestly).

Regardless of who you date, whether they are geeky or not, please do bear this in mind… love in all of its forms is not just for Valentines Day; tell those you love that you care about them the other 364.24 days of the year as well.  


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